Integrated Solutions for your needs
We place ourselves as one of the few following industries who put their awareness, caring and attention to the global problem and surrounding environment.

Our most concern is focused on the hygiene and safety to our customer by relying on the best provider and trusted supplier and push our maximum effort to present the good quality of product and services in a professional handling and efficient way, which also have been proven in many years exist in business activity as also one of the Asian leading manufacturer and fabricator of corrosion resistant fiberglass products in Indonesia and keeps on focusing its long services in the world of FRP to produce a reliable products that meet our customer requirement.

We offer the range of great product variety and huge selections depend on the demanding lines in many advantages compared to other material of FRP condition in strength, durability, corrosion resistance, thermal insulator, weight, complexity, and compatible cost which also generally manufacturing the best quality result with complete installation and technical repairing including the process and effluent piping, in abrasion resistant piping systems and the storage of Vessels process, the gratings and handrails for accessible system with cable support system.