The Products

Ori Group offers an extensive range of Fiber Reinforced Plastic composite products in corporating many advantages compared to other alternative materials in terms of strength, durability, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, weight, complexity, and stringent quality control. Delivering on spec, on time and on budget have positioned Ori Group as a manufacturer, not only of the highest quality products, but also of top quality results.

Pipes & Fittings

The Process

• Precision Pipe filament winding machine
The ORI pipes area manufactured by widely used helical filament winding method. Filament winding consists of winding resin impregnated fibers or rovings of glass, aramid, or carbon on a rotating mandrel in predetermined patterns. The method provides the greatest control over fiber placement and uniformity of structure. In the wet method, the fiber picks up the low viscosity resin either by passing through a trough or from a metered application system. In the dry method, the reinforcement is in the preimpregnated form. After the layers are wound, the component is cured and removed from the mandrel ORI pipes manufactured by filament winding offers better physical properties in comparison with other method so ORI Pipes manufactured with helical filament winding method will have longer services life whthout affecting the cost of supply.

• Precision Pipe & Fitting hand lay up process
Hand lay-up is the simplest and oldest open molding method of the composite fabrication processes. It is a low volume, labor intensive method suited especially for large components, such as boat hulls. Glass or other reinforcing mat or woven fabric or roving is positioned manually in the open mold, and resin is poured, brushed, or sprayed over and into the glass plies. Entrapped air is removed manually with squeegees or rollers to complete the laminates structure. Room temperature curing polyesters and epoxies are the most commonly used matrix resins. Curing is initiated by a catalyst in the resin system, which hardens the fiber reinforced resin composite without external heat. For a high quality part surface, a pigmented gel coat is first applied to the mold surface.

Standard Fittings

• Elbows
• Reducing Tee's
• Eccentric Reducers
• Blind flanges
• Saddles
• Equal Tee's
• Concentric Reducers
• Flanges
• Crosses
• End cap, etc

Elbows are either mitered or swept. Number of sections of miter bend depends upon the angle and class of the pipe. Bends of angle other than the standard also can be manufactured on request. Flanges are manufactured according to the drilling standards like ANSI, ASME, BS, DIN etc.


• Diameter: Pipe up to 3,000 mm
• Flange : Any size


• Vinylester
• Polyester :Isophetalic, ortho
• Epoxy
• Other customer specified materials

Joint system: Restrained Joints
1. Butt & Strap joint:
These type of joints are permanent joints and widely used in all over the world for joining the GRP Pipeline. it consists of hardening of impregnated glass, chop standard mat, woven roving mat and tissues it is laminated according to specified thickness and width depend upon the design pressure class, thus offering the continuity in hoop and axial directions.

2. Fixed flanged joint

3. Stub end with steel loose flange

Ori Group produces epoxy, polyester, vinylester and other customized pipes and fittings of specified composite materials. The filament winding process that we use to manufacture our pipes is with plain end for butt and wrap joint / connection. Shop fabrication and semi-assembly to meet custom-made requirements are available. In addition, we also provide field supervision and installation to help deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers. Appointed by NOV to manufacture their "Bondstrand" pipes is testament to our trusted quality.

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The selections are the composite tanks such as the septic tank, water and chemical tank, and panel water tank. The filament winding and hand lay up process that we use to manufacture our tanks proved to have an outstanding resistance and strength to many different chemicals. It also has an excellent resistance to impact and fatigue. For years we have produced horizontal and vertical type of standing position with standard volume ranging from 1 to 200 cubic meter. Moreover specialized water and chemical storage tanks of various sizes are available also.

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Pultrusion Products

Another selection available is pultrusion.Pultrusion is a continuous molding process to make reinforced plastic composites shapes using polyester and vinylester resin matrices. It creates an extraordinary strength, non conducting, thermal insulator and fire retardation. They are pultruded profiles such as I Beam, T Bar, C Channel, U Channel, Angle, Flat Bar and Rod Bar. The assembled pultrusion products are gratings, cable ladder, cable trays and hand rails.

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Custom Made Products

We also provide service to customer for their specific requirement. A wide range of specialty products are manufactured for our customers such as scrubber, lighting cover, gas riser, paper roller, engine cover, translucent sheet, dust bin, locomotive parts and others.

Lining and Coating Services

Supported by our Engineering Department and long experience in big projects in various sector such as petrochemical, pulp & paper, textiles, power plants, copper smelting, we are able to provide lining & coating services based on customer's requirement including repairing, installation, erection, commissioning, and technical supervision. Our products and service offering will take you in a considerable situation of a one-stop composites center basically for all of your demand.

Engineering Services

  • Design of Profile drawings for district cooling network which can be used for the construction of pipeline.
  • Designing underground and aboveground pipes according to AWWA C-950 and AWWA M-45 manual employing in-house software program. Design verification is done for the surge pressure, pressure class, allowable deflection, soil load and live load, buckling, combined strain, axial strain, buoyancy etc.
  • Creating Isometric drawings in Autocad format and generating Bill of Quantities for pipes, fittings, gaskets etc. Making spool drawings for pre-fabrication which will minimize material and installation time at site.
  • Stress analysis for above ground and under ground piping system using the most advanced computer program, CEASER II. The program will produce results in the form of deflections, loads and stresses through out the system from the input model created by the user and compare these results to their allowable limits.

Area of Use

PIPE and Fitting - Application area
  • Drinking water networks and water distribution pipelines
  • Irrigation networks and drainage applications
  • Sewerage projects network,collector lines
  • Sewerage projects force mains
  • Pressure Pipelines for hydroelectric power stations
  • Storm water drainage
  • Cooling water supply and discharge in power stations
  • Pipelines to carry the chemical wastes
  • Re-lining & slip-lining application
  • Pipelines to remove the industrial wastes
  • Pipelines to carry the geothermal water
  • Reservoir for chemical plants and drinking water
  • Discharge lines of the sea
  • Desalination plants
  • Sea water intake & outfall piping
  • Industrial waste application
  • Construction

Grating - Application area
  • Platforms, landing and walkways
  • Stair treads
  • Ramps
  • Channels, pists and shaft coverings
  • Production and transfer streets
  • Gutter covering
  • Shielding of danger areas
  • Sewage works
  • Carwash
  • Chloride, bleaching and filter rooms
  • Storage of chemical raw material
  • Kitchens

Cable tray and cable ladder - Application area
  • Residential area
  • Office area
  • Industrial area